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Communication and Dissemination

Communication and Dissemination (CD) activities of the Adriatic Model Forest (AMF) project are considered a vital part of the project implementation that will ensure continuous communication among relevant key actors and information dissemination to stakeholder target groups. This activity is performed throughout project duration and all events and dissemination activities are thoroughly planned and assessed on impact delivered while follow up activities ensure envisaged long lasting effect. CD activities are obtained through Communication plan.
Communication plan aims to coordinate and harmonize the communication strategy of the project as a whole. It is required to ensure that the project’s results and activities are spread effectively among all stakeholders and interested parties of the project with the optimum allocation of resources.
AMF communication plan serves to provide the right communication methods and media employed to deliver the project’s message to the target audience: it identifies the target groups, the relevant message to be communicated and ensures the measurement of dissemination impact. The Overall Objective of Communication strategy is to guarantee the adequate communication and capitalization of results, by means of multiple internal and external information flows, both at local and European level.

More specifically, the communication objectives can be defined as follows:
  • to guarantee the adequate communication and capitalization of results in order to obtain attention, promote added value and support project’s sustainability;
  • to actively involve the target groups and foster the dialogue on the themes tackled by AMF;
  • to guarantee the transfer of experience, know-how and of the tools jointly defined, to other areas and institutions not directly involved in the project;
  • to capitalize/share know-how, and influence policies in the field of sustainable management and promotion of forests as a valuable economic and environmental resource;
  • to ensure efficient internal communication, exchange of information crucial to well management of the project and the accomplishment of the planned work according to the time plan.

The defined targets of the AMF project can be divided into two main groups: Internal stakeholders and External stakeholders.
Internal Stakeholders group includes all parties directly and formally involved in the project development. These are mainly 10 Partners constituting the AMF Consortium and their respective cooperators defined and involved in the project’s activities. Communication activities for this group serve to enable effective management and fulfillment of operating activities of AMF project.
External stakeholders group includes all external targets potentially interested in project’s activities and results. External stakeholders group is structured in public administrators and municipalities that will define the new Model Forest perimeters, private and civil stakeholders that could be involved in a Model Forest partnership – forest owners, forest companies, associations, energy purchasers and all parties feeding and/or benefiting from forestry development. External stakeholders are also European Union (EU)/international relevant entities, environmental organizations and relevant EU funded projects and interested parties who are not involved in this project.

Main communication activities will be addressed through following communication tools:
  1. project logo and templates;
  2. project website;
  3. press release;
  4. project leaflet;
  5. six-monthly newsletter;
  6. video(subtitles).

Project logo and templates ensure coherent visual identification of the project since the AMF Consortium agreed to standardize all communication procedures and templates (power point presentation, working documents, etc).
The project website is one of the most important communication and dissemination tools to be used by the AMF Consortium. It enables informing the vast community of recipients about the project, its findings, progress made and current events. Domains of project web site is:
The communication plan foresees the dissemination of Local Press Releases for each International meeting and for each technical workshop. General Press Release will be drafted during the AMF project and will be distributed to all the partners. Local press releases will be drafted by the hosting partner of each partner International meeting and workshop. It will be in the local language. One General Press Release will be on English language and each partner will translate it and publish it in local press. Every partner will take over to distribute the press releases in their territory, sending proof of publications to Lead partner and the responsible partner for communication.
Printed material, as Leaflet, constitutes popular and useful off-line communication tools. They enable dissemination of the project to the wider public during relevant event meetings, conferences, workshops, etc. Although, due to limited space, tools like leaflet require simplification of information, they can be visually attractive because of the possibility to use photographs or graphic designs. AMF project leaflet will be developed to promote the concept and objectives of the project. Leaflets will be available during all related events in which the project’s representatives will take part while each partner can produce additional printed information material such as posters, according to its needs and with a view to serve the organization of the events.
During the project lifetime, 4 Newsletters (2 per year) are foreseen. Newsletter will be compatible with Mediterranean Model Forest Network (MMFN). Every partner will have to contribute to the newsletter creation by sending news from their territory that can be related to the project activities and issues addressed. Each partner will take over to disseminate the newsletters at local level.
Last tool of communication plan is MMFN video that will be translated to the local languages of the AMF project partners.


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