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Five steps for the Model Forest creation

1. Diagnostic mission and a site selection

Model Forests are territories that involve forests, towns, rivers, agriculture, protected areas etc.
Model Forests is about people who are living and working using natural resources, the same as about forests and forest products.

2. Identification of the partnership and creation of the working groups

Stakeholders who voluntarily work together to identify a common vision for their Model Forests and address issues of mutual interest are called “partnership”. Partners with similar interests (forestry, tourism, agriculture, education etc.) are gathered into working groups that will develop ideas for a Model Forest creation and development.

3. Strategic planning workshop

The partnership first identifies how they will use natural, cultural and social resources of the area in sustainable and multifunctional way. Common vision is defined and strategic plan elaborated with concrete actions of the Model Forest.

4. Bringing a strategic plan

Model Forest strategic plan is a long term renewing and continuously adapted in order to respond to real needs. The strategic plan determines governance structure and help the group to operate in achieving its goals.

5. Candidacy and support for the implementation

The partnership is expected to develop a Model Forest that will follow fundamental principles of the Model Forest and therefore become a member of the Mediterranean Model Forest Network.


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