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Partnerhip identification on a model forest site in Tesanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The first diagnostic mission in the potential Model Forest site in Tesanj Municipality involved representatives of different institutions and organisations from the territory of Tesanj. Participants of the meeting stressed the fact that the Model Forest establishment on their territory will contribute to the overall improvement of the forest management in the area. By enabling continuous communication and by improving the relationship between all relevant stakeholders in the sector of forestry, sustainability of all forest functions can be achieved.

The first diagnostic mission had a goal to present the Model Forest concept to all relevant stakeholders and to explain the reasons why this territory is considered appropriate for the establishment of a Model Forest. In an open discussion participants had an opportunity to ask questions and to express their interests related to the forests and forestry on the proposed territory, a survey among participants had been conducted in order to acquire a better understanding of their attitudes and interests related to the Model Forest establishment. The analysis of the survey indicated that most of the participants are very supportive and have positive attitudes related to this process. Furthermore, these findings indicated that there is a solid potential to create strong partnership which will be the basis for future activities in the Model Forest.

By the end of the meeting all of the participants have agreed that a detailed presentation of the methodology for the creation of the MF is needed in order to better understand all relevant aspects of the establishment process and the participant’s role in it.


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