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Shaping a clear vision of sustainable development in the area of Obedska bara and Pecinci Municipality, Vojvodina, by creating a new model forest

The primary objective of the AMF partner, a public enterprise “Vojvodinasume” was to define a model forest pilot project which will ensure that the area represents a wide range of different soil and vegetation types but which will also include different cultural and historical values. The best potential location for developing the Model forest concept in Vojvodina was found in the area of Pecinci Municipality.

The whole pilot site Pecinci Municipality is located in the Lower Srem, flatter part of the autonomous province of Vojvodina. Pecinci has a huge potential for sustainable development due to its rich historical, natural and cultural heritage. Special nature’s reserve Obedska pond is the world famous marsh, a habitat of rare flowers and animals and a visiting spot for scientists and nature lovers. It is a hoof shaped water area which used to be a part of the Sava river bed.

Our experts work for a common goal – to involve as many people as possible in the model forest initiative. Some of the selected stakeholders are the Agency for development of the Municipality of Pecinci, Association of breeders of domestic species, women’s associations, Museum of bread, environmental associations and others. These stakeholders were determined on their ability to contribute to the preservation of nature and landscape. Local associations can increase the quality of life of the local population, provide environmentally and consumer friendly usage of natural resources, and finally, contribute to the development of sustainable tourism.

Stakeholders had agreed that the chosen territory has exceptional potential for the development of tourism and new employment capacities consolidated with the further development of the infrastructure. In the context of developing a strong and enriching partnership an initial meeting was organized and we are also planning to have several local workshops all with the aim to strengthen the partnership.

The Model forest initiative can provide support for the diversification of economic activities in the area, specifically, towards specialized products outside conventional production chains – through local crafts, traditional gastronomy offers and other forms of services that reflect new needs of the current tourist destinations. The partnership is aware that the offer needs to include virgin nature, rich biodiversity and innovative ways to connect society and the local natural treasures.

Some activities important to all local partners will be the restoration of cultural heritage sites such as Kupinik fortress and the involvement of the local population in the activities required for the development of a sustainable tourist infrastructure; eco-ethnic visitor centres, eco-educative paths and observation viewpoints.


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